Hello. I’m Ben. My passion is using technology in concert with great design to develop useful and interesting solutions. Whether it is a web page, an application, or considerably more complex system, I believe there is an intrinsic duty to design well. I have made it my central purpose to persue the study and application of good design across domains.

In this age of technology and the ever accelerating rate of change, it is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain mastery of the varied technical and digital crafts. It is not the person who proclaims their own mastery who is to be trusted with important things. It is the person who shows a dedication to, and a joy in, diligently trodding the path towards mastery, all the while at peace with the conviction that mastery is a path, not a singular destination.


A brief background about me

Personal History

Originally from South Florida, I grew up spending most of my time fishing, skatebording and playing music. After high school, I spent 7 years in Atlanta as a working (read starving) musician and as a student of Web and Interactive Media Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Moving to the WNC area in 2009, I reentered college in 2013 to persue a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. I emerged with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2016. I married my amazing wife in December of 2015. We have a two beautiful children. We relocated to Charlotte in September of 2018.

Values and Intent

I value integrity, loyalty, and family. I believe these are pillars of a healthy character and a thriving community. Hard work is paramount, but with these other elements in place, work can ascend into the realm of integrative experience and healthy expression. My intention is to build a decent family, persue an interesting career, and gratefully enjoy life.

I am currently open to interesting work in full-stack product development, data analytics, and golang. I thrive on the discovery, analysis, and clear SDLC processes.


Skills and Experience Overview


The main corpus of my skills set exists in three broad areas of experience and training: development, design, and business. Within those areas, I have obtained direct domain knowledge and proficiency through direct work and educational experiences.


  • Software Engineering

    Systems Design and Analysis, SaaS, Object Oriented Development, Test-driven Design

  • Web Applications

    Full-stack development, Static Site Generation, API development, etc.

  • Databases and ETL

    MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, DynamoDB

  • Data Analytics & Visualization

    Pandas, Numpy, 3D.js

  • DevOps and SysAdmin

    CircleCI, Jenkins CI, GitHub, Linux, Shell Scripting


  • Graphic Design & Illustration

    Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite

  • Videography

    Adobe Premeire CS, Adobe Affter Effects, Final Cut Pro

  • Multimedia and Audio Production

    Logic, Abelton, ProTools, Audition

Business Operations

  • Operations

    Personnel Management, Regulatory Compliance, Day-to-day Process Management

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

    General Ledger Maintenance, Report Generation

  • Office Administration

    Payroll, Scheduling, Document Management, IT Systems Maintenance


Some statistics around the tech I have utilized personally over the past year



Coding Frequency - 30 days


Some writings and musings

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